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Improved Product Performance. Naturally.

Combining the beauty of nature and the power of science, iActive cosmeceuticals are your answer to making products that stand out from the rest.

iActive lipid-phenol compounds are the result of innovative science and a patented, solvent-free, enzymatic process based on natural plant oils and active phenolic-based materials. If you use ferulic acid or UV-sensitive ingredients such as vitamin E or retinol in your products, you should consider using these unique, oil-based ferulates to enhance broad UV-absorption and antioxidant functionality, as well as improve the durability and performance of your health and beauty products.

Our Feruloyl Glyceride products afford a mixture of feruloylated glycerols containing zero, one or two acyl (fatty acid) chains from the oil molecules. Feruloyl glycerides derived from ethyl ferulate and a typical triglyceride such as coconut or soybean oil, would also exhibit to some degree the same antioxidant and UV-protective properties as ferulic acid and its ester derivatives. As modified oils, these acylglyceride derivatives are more lipophilic in nature and can readily absorb into the skin providing longer-lasting antioxidant and UV-protective effects. For more information please refer to the FCG33 and FSG33 product literature on the Frequently Asked Questions page.