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Improved Product Performance. Naturally.


iActive Naturals are revolutionary skin and hair nutritive lotions derived from natural plant oils along with other natural ingredients. These cosmeceuticals combine essential oils with their own phenol-lipids. For example the coconut oil lipids in FCG33 lotion are produced using a single, natural enzymatic process that converts the essential goodness of coconut oil into a lighter, chemical free liquid that penetrates deeply into skin and hair.

iActives™ Feruloyl Glyceride compounds are offered as both consumer lotions and commercially formulated additives:  
iActives™ lotion products are available direct to consumers through and other merchandisers, and are already incorporated into many globally recognized brands.

iActives™ formulary products are designed to enhance the durability, performance and efficacy of the active ingredients in a wide range of skin and hair products.

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Innovative Science

Coconut FCG33 and soybean FSG33 are the result of innovative science which improves the quality of the products they are added to. iActive compounds are stabilizers which allow lower concentrations of active ingredients without altering efficacy. They increase stability and promote longer shelf life, resulting in improved product freshness.

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Environmentally Friendly

iActive Naturals are created from natural products including ethyl ferulate, and coconut, soy or other natural oils, which means they are environmentally friendly and contain no solvents. They are offered as direct additives to cosmetics; there are no harmful by-products and no waste.

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Improved Performance

These naturally derived moisturizing nutritives help to reduce wrinkles, improve skin appearance and hair luster. iActive enhanced products absorb better and retain performance characteristics longer than water-based products.  iActive compounds can also help to improve water resistance and the durability and longevity of skin and hair care products.